PKR 2,780

Size : 10ml x 5

Perfumes Included: Oud e Sultan, Oud e Yousuf, Oud e Azeem, Bishaar, Oud e Afraz

Type: Unisex, Eau De Parfum

Welcome to the world of MTJ Fragrances, where every scent is a story waiting to be told and every fragrance is a journey of sensory delight. With a rich heritage in crafting exceptional perfumes, MTJ Fragrances is a name synonymous with elegance, luxury, and the art of olfactory expression.

MTJ Oud E Sultan is a fragrance that carries the essence of power, sophistication, and mystique. Its story unfolded in a mesmerising blend of notes, where the intoxicating aromas of Absinth and Anis mingled at the top, followed by a blossoming heart of Jasmine, Violet, and Cistus Spain, and anchored by a captivating base of Tobacco, Praline, Vanilla, Saffron, Amber, Cedarwood Alaska, and Vetiver Java. MTJ Oud E Sultan is a masterpiece that command-ed attention, captivating all who crossed its path with its enchanting blend of notes, and its presence evoked the regality of a true Sultan of scents.

MTJ Bishaar, inspired by the ecstatic feeling of receiving good news. An enveloping and addictive fragrance. Rich with emotion and encased in powdery, creamy warmth, it echoes a comforting embrace full of inner gratitude. Turkish rose and warm saffron dance joyfully around one another as they open the fragrance. The heart beats of diffusive white flowers lacquered in balsamic vanilla - teasing the senses. Rich Labdanum and refined patchouli undertones enhance the hypnotic oud, creating a symphony of passionate joy.

MTJ Oud E Yousuf, a rich aromatic oriental fragrance which effortlessly exemplifies burning fierceness and charisma. A gentleman's presence alongside his dame - protective, spontaneous, and alluring. Fresh aromatic lavender blends with bright zests of bergamot opening the fragrance. Charming patchouli and sound Labdanum awaken deep cypriol in the heart, recalling the "chivalrous" acts of one in love. In the background, powerful oud - a noble pillar - is enveloped in airy amber with hints of green oakmoss.

MTJ Oud E Azeem, tells the story of the brave and audacious legacy of a royal king. A woody oriental fragrance that evokes the stable, powerful nature of an established and flourishing kingdom. Intense smoky incense and its smoldering grip on sharp saffron and cardamom adds new dimensions - evoking a powerful aura. The Cypriot is unleashed - enhancing the exotic woodiness of sandalwood while imbuing it with vetiver undertones - for an unforgettable silage. Rich patchouli finally dominates the scene, while ambery cashmere provides a sense of success and victory.

MTJ Oud E Afraz, symbolizes a power play of sheer sophistication. A spicy oriental fragrance which brings to mind lavish dinners in the city's grandest high rises. Saffron, the star of the night opens the fragrance alongside strong ginger notes - recalling smart, sharp attire worn at opening theatres. While swaying in sandalwood undertones, the classic red rose sings in harmony with the powerful clove leaf. Opulent patchouli leads the orchestra with hints of mellow honey, elegantly wrapped in musk and amber.

Application Tips:
For an enhanced fragrance routine
Apply this scent onto pulse points .i.e. Behind ears, on wrists, and on the neck

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